The Digital Procurement Journey

July 9, 2024

“Sustainability needs to be a priority, and that starts at the top.”

Digital procurement transformation is a perpetual journey, and with the growing importance of ESG initiatives, it’s key now to ensure these initiatives come from the very top level to maximise your organisation’s value.

Eric Brown, CRO at Certa (former Area VP, EMEA Corporate & Southern Europe Mid-Market at Coupa), shares how increasing visibility within e-procurement processes allows more stakeholders to put sustainability first, when exactly the right time is to invest in digital procurement, and how we can continue elevating the profession.


-Choosing the right time to invest in digital procurement for growth

-The increasing focus on compliance and risk management

-Achieving ESG goals by ensuring it’s embedded at the top

-Refining outdated digital processes on procurement’s tech journey

-How we can continue to elevate the profession & its impact at board level

-Cutting wastage in processes to help both shareholders and ESG goals

Listen here.

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