The Definitive 100
Pioneering Digital Procurement Solutions

Discover the most innovative, progressive and customer centric procurement technology, data and analytics solutions on the planet.
What is the ProcureTech100

Pioneers transforming the digital future of procurement

The ProcureTech100 identifies and champions the 100 pioneering digital procurement technology, data and analytics solutions that are supercharging procurement and the enterprise.

The 2023 ProcureTech100

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Get essential insights into the 2023 ProcureTech100 and read about how they are supercharging the digital procurement industry.
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selection process

How do we create the ProcureTech100?

Research ProcureTech Ecosystem

Research over 4,000 digital procurement companies' qualitative and quantitative data from ProcureTech database and proprietary sources

Create Shortlist

Apply statistical analysis over 50 key data points including growth, security, customer, financial and employee data to create short-list

Identify ProcureTech100

Panellists to review and rank the short-list. Integrate the panellist’s review with short-listing data points to create ProcureTech100

Announce ProcureTech100

We publicly announce the 100 pioneering digital procurement solutions

Selection process

Meet the panellists

Our global judging panel of procurement, technology and B2B leaders provide a real life view on the impact of the digital procurement solutions.
Adam Brown
Alastair Scott
Andreis Feikema
Andrew Savage
Anshuman Sharma
Ashish Singhal
Verily Life Sciences
Ashley Walton
Barbara Alcalde
Barry Hooper
Ministry of Justice
Ben Paynter

The ProcureTech100 will help the procurement industry to identify the latest and greatest technology, data and analytics solutions that will transform our collective procurement function, create short-term benefits, and enable long-term value in the supply chain.

Elouise Epstein

Solutions must be scalable and deliver speed to value. There are new entrants every year and higher expectations for much shorter cycle times to deliver impact.

Christophe Villain
Group Head of Supply Chain and Procurement Technologies

I am excited to see how ProcureTech delivers access not only to the traditional players, but a shop window to new entrants

Andrian Bower
Global CPO

We see this partnership as an opportunity to further the importance and role that cybersecurity plays in the procurement process.

Aleksandr Yampolskiy
Chief Executive Officer

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