How and Why Scope 3 Carbon Emissions and Rising on the Business Agenda

July 9, 2024

EcoVadis releases its first episode of ‘The Scope 3 Agenda’ podcast.

The COVID-19 and Ukrainian crises have pushed supply chain resilience right to the very top of any executive’s agenda, with supplier sustainability performance being increasingly recognized as a key risk indicator.

With that, Scope 3 emissions, which are the greenhouse gas emissions coming from a company’s supply chain have also earned their place among the key topics to address by any business. However, unlike Scope 1 and 2, value chain emissions are much more difficult to identify, measure, control and reduce.

In the first episode of its podcast series, EcoVadis speaks to Peter Spiller, McKinsey Partner Purchasing & Supply Practice Expert, to get his insight on some of the key questions around how we can tackle Scope 3 emissions.

Listen to the podcast here.

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